Mother Tongue, Years 4, 5 and 6

Winner: Ana Maria Zabava, Year 5, Chapel Street Primary School
Highly Commended: Abraham Fobil, Year 5, Chapel Street Primary School

Two Eyes are Looking (Doi Ochi Privesc) by Emilia Plugaru – Commentary by Ana Maria Zabava

This is my favourite poem in Romanian.  It is called ‘Two Eyes are Looking’.  These are a child’s eyes.  The child is looking at the moon and the stars.  When I read the poem I imagine that it is me and I am gazing at the moon and the stars.  The moon is beautiful and the little stars around it are playing happily like children around their mother.  As the child gazes at the moon his eyes are filled with stars and the moon sends light on the child.  This makes the child feel that the moon is his mother and he says: “Moon, you are like my mother…”

I like this poem because it reminds me of my grandmother.  I see the moon as my grandmother because she brought me up and she was a mother to me.  Unfortunately, she is not with us anymore but when I look at the moon I imagine that Grandma is smiling at me.

Spre cerul larg,
Frumoasa lună
Iese-n prag.

Steluţe mici,
În juru ei,
Se zbenguie
De sar scântei

Ce de-a lumini
Ca să-l alinte,
Trimite luna
Cea cuminte

Unui copil
Cu ochi de stea.
– Lună, tu esti
Ca mama mea…

Doi ochi căprui,
Uimiţi zăresc,
Că stelele pe cer



Me Man Ghana by Abraham Fobil

I wrote this poem about Ghana because I love my country. I wanted to tell everyone about its beautiful resources and languages. My language, Twi, is mainly spoken but there are other languages such as Ewe and Ga. I felt very excited when I was writing this poem. When I read it, I think of Ghana’s rich culture and friendly people. It reminds me of the fun I had and of my friends who still live there.

I remember the sweet taste of fufu and soup which is Ghanas’s most famous dish. I think about the leaders who fought for independence. They are called the Big Six. Without them we would not be free. I have written my poem for the leaders of the country and for all the people of Ghana. I am very proud to be Ghanaian.

mtot14_abraham-fobil - Copy - Copy


Me we oman a eye fe ye fre no
se Ghana, Ewe me man no mu no
ye kasa paa ye ka ne Twi
ye san so ka kasa bi se Ewe
Ga ne dee ekakaho

Ye we kuro mako mako du
Ne nianaa ye fe yea
Eobe tese Accra, Kumasi
ne Koforidua. Se me wo hoq
me te nnframa a eye de

Me san so te nipa a
smo ton a dee. Ye san
so we dua a eye
aguidea. Yen aduane
ye de yea. Me pe me
man Ghana. Apa me
pe me man Ghana.


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