Mother Tongue, Years 10 and 11

Winners: Chloe and Mia Chung, Year 10 and Year 7, Formby High School

North-Eastern Cradle Song – Commentary by Chloe and Mia Chung

mtot14-chloe-mia-cheung - Copy

Our song we chose is a lullaby. My sister and I first heard it when I was 6 years old and my sister 3 years old. It reminds us of our grandma when she come to stay as she sang it to us whenever we couldn’t get to sleep. I think of it before I sleep because it helps me relax. I don’t think there are other versions of it however I’m not sure. It does not remind me of a smell or a place but of the feeling of not being alone. My grandma would stay with us until we fall asleep after singing the lullaby. The lullaby is a traditional folk song and makes me happy yet sad as I don’t see my grandma much any more.


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